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Our Proprietary Technology will change the industry forever!  Brand ambassador selection, training video, testing assignment, on-site check-in and recapping just some of the futures that our state-of-the-art system offers.
Ever wish you had access to your own event staffing control center?  A secure place where you could go and gain instant access to everything you needed to know about your campaign? Well look no further… below are just a couple of the key features that our state-of-the-art system offers.
console With access to your own personalized command station you can conveniently control all aspects of your campaign. Your console allows you to control everything from the assignment details to how the assignment needs to be executed by your management and staff. baselectionFrom your custom console you can easily view and book all brand ambassadors who have signed up for each assignment. You will also see real-time updates for any new applications so you can be sure you are hiring the very best staff for your assignment.  More info


videoPUSH offers our customers the capability to produce a fully customizable pre-event staff training video that we will script, shoot, edit and upload for you. A training video ensures the staff selected for your assignment is educated about your brand the same way each time and helps them visually understand your brand and your objectives for the event. training Make sure your event is executed with skill by uploading training documents, videos, product specs and more. Create and administer graded or non-graded tests to ensure that your team is knowledgeable and will effectively convey your brand’s message and/or achieve your brand objectives during your event.


recapsAfter the assignment is completed you can solicit detailed feedback from your event staff on your brand or your event. Upload a custom event recap form and choose from several question formats. Our staff has been trained to understand that this is a vital part of our service to you so they are always willing to provide detailed feedback. This secure data can then be accessed in your control panel to gauge the effectiveness of every aspect of your assignment. uploadsOur system was not only built to report data from your marketing event, it was also designed to share photos, videos and important documents used to execute the assignment. Our brand management team can upload images and select videos to ensure brand consistency, turnout, client communication and for future marketing use.  This is just one of the things that makes us highly unique in the promotional staffing and execution space.